Phables Nominated for an Eisner

Eisner AwardsThe Eisner awards are, bar none, the most prestigious awards in the comics and comic-book industry. Recently the Eisners were expanded to include a category for "Best Digital Comic," and even MORE recently they announced the nominations for this year's Eisners.

Phables, by Brad GuigarIncluded in that prestigious list is Phables, by Brad Guigar.

Brad is one of eight cartoonists I'm pleased to not only call "peer" but "partner." His contributions to the craft span over seven years (have a look at Everything Cartooning, Greystone Inn, Courting Disaster, and Evil Inc.), and his contributions to Blank Label Comics have been critical to the success of our little co-op. And this year a small measure of those contributions is being recognized big-time.

Phables is about Philly. Philadelphia readers send Brad emails about life and times in the City of Brotherly Love, and he turns those into a weekly feature that runs online and in the Philadelphia Daily News. The strip is easily appreciated by anyone who has lived in any big city, though, so don't be put off if you're from the City by the Bay, the Big Apple, the Big Easy, Emerald City, or the Gateway to the West instead.

Congratulations are already in order, because a nomination is a very big deal. The competition is stiff, however (a certain Phil Foglio, who beat me out for an award earlier this year, was also nominated), and the air is rare up there. Good luck, Brad!