Phoenix Comic-Con this Friday and Saturday

I will be at Phoenix Comic-Con this Friday and Saturday. I won't be in the booth Sunday, though, so if you're planning to make purchases, shop early!

The booth! I'm sharing space with Brandon Sanderson in Booth 896. I don't know what it will look like, except when Brandon is signing, which is when it will look like a crowd of  people. 

The purchases! We have all the books, but only a few copies of each. Again, shop early! We will also have 10 of each of the Schlock Mercenary Challenge Coins, and twenty of the series 4 "unmarked" Tagon's Toughs coins -- no series indicator, no serial number. I don't know how these will sell, since I suspect most of you who wanted these got in on the Kickstarter, but if you didn't, you should shop early. Ten is not a very big number.

And speaking of coins, Sandra and Janci built orders today. The first 100 orders will hit the post tomorrow.

Now it's time for me to finish packing this suitcase. I wonder what the TSA is going to think of 15 pounds of brass...