Plotter Proof on the Auction Block for Charity

My friend Jake Black beat cancer. Now he needs to finish beating his medical bills

I'm donating four items to the cause. Three of them are original marker-art pieces, but the fourth is that oh-so-sneak-previewy plotter proof, which I got in the mail yesterday. It's the whole Emperor Pius Dei book, complete with a cover, an introduction by Larry Correia, and a bonus story, and as an added feature it's not actually bound together in one piece. 

(Yes, this is a FEATURE. Each of the ten staple-folded bundles of pages can be looked at separately! Don't think of this as "almost a book." Think of this as a way to fill your visual space with more of the book than you could otherwise!)

As an extra added feature I'll put a pencil sketch on the sketch page of the final bundle of pages. Your choice (assuming you're the winning bidder.)

You can find a full list of the auctions at Jake Black's eBay page, or you can link straight over from this list:

Happy bidding! And be even happier in the knowledge that you're helping out a good friend of mine.