RPG.net Chat with Alan Bahr

This coming Wednesday, May 13th, Planet Mercenary's game designer Alan Bahr will be taking questions over in the RPG.net chat. Follow Alan or me on Twitter and we'll tweet you a reminder.

I'm not sure how the chat room over on RPG.net works, but if you're already a member of the role playing cognoscenti I suspect you're already on top of this.

Speaking of Planet Mercenary (which is pretty much all I'm speaking of this week,) the Kickstarter just crossed the $200k threshold, and we have now promised an additional 16 pages in the core book. There will be four new playable races, including the Uklakk, who have two bodies and a shared, radio-networked brain. If you've ever wanted to throw down as a bicameral life form, that's going into the book now. We'll also add some weapons, some ships, and some playable locations.

Our next stretch goal puts Game Chief screens in every Extended Mag, and makes them available as add-ons for just $5.00. Beyond that? Check out the most recent update for the full reveal. The reveal includes the blue-lines for Jeff Zugale's cover for the book.