All The Ships, To Scale

There are only four days left in the Planet Mercenary RPG Kickstarter

It closes on Monday, May 18th. The project page has a timer on it, and nothing I can do will slow the ticking of that clock. We've had a very busy week as it has ticked away, too. Two days ago I blogged about The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries. I posted a sample page, and some text, and I provided a link that would let you back the Planet Mercenary RPG project at a level which ONLY includes the in-universe Maxims book. A day later we were joined by 440 backers, more than had pledged on any other single day of the project. 

This morning their enthusiasm unlocked the "All The Ships, To Scale" project.

Jeff Zugale, who draws spaceships for a living, has agreed to this commission. He'll do a big image with all (or many) of the named ships of the Schlockiverse, to scale (much like the posters famously done by Dirk Loechel, among others.) Here are a couple of Jeff's "spaceship-a-day" sketches. Yes, these are things that he dashed off in his free time. 

These are gorgeous, and I love them, but We don't want Jeff's free time. We want money time.

The PDF image Jeff creates will be included with all the game PDFs, and a print of the image will grace the Game Chief's screen, which is included (along with the core book, dice, coins, pins, and the Seventy Maxims book) at the $75 pledge level.

We have just one more lockplate to bust through on the Planet Mercenary RPG. If you'd like to learn about the $300k stretch goal, I wrote about it this morning. Whether or not we hit that one, we've made some pretty amazing progress.