Post-Shipping Clearance

With Scrapyard out the door Sandra is in the throes of the post-shipping clean up. You should see the basement. It looked like a tornado hit it. Then it looked like FEMA hit it. Then it looked like nice, competent professionals came in and put everything back together. Anyway, part of this clean-up process includes updating the store listings to reflect actual inventory.  We found a few more mousepads, pins, and loose magnets lying around. mp-pgb-2t.jpg oe-8sm-2t.jpg And if you really must have all eight of the magnets, you can buy a full set. We also have a pile of damaged books for sale at clearance prices. schlock-mercenary-blackness-between.jpgschlock-mercenary-under-new-management.jpgschlock-mercenary-tub-of-happiness.jpgThe Teraport WarsThe Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance, by Howard Tayler These books are all dinged, dented or damaged in some way, but no more than you probably would expect after the book has been read a few times.  We guarantee that none of the pages are ripped, loose, or missing.  If your budget is tight then these scratch-and-dent books are a great way to go.  Supplies are limited to what we have on hand. An array of posters and special prints is also available. Sandra tells me that we need to clear out some of this inventory to make space for new inventory.  The very shiniest of the new inventory will be XDM: X-Treme Dungeon Mastery by Tracy and Curtis Hickman, illustrated by yours truly. We've gotten our twenty advance copies, and this book is wonderful. Pre-orders for XDM will open in July. xdm-cover.jpg