Postcard Update - Wrapping Around

postcards2006-right.jpgThe postcards, as you can see from the picture to the right and the picture below, are starting to spill around the corners of the wall we started them on. I'm not sure how many there are... well over 100, though, which is nicely heart-warming.

I have two new favorites. Pictured on the right, you may notice a Koala card with a blue fiddly-bit sticking out of it. A yellow fiddly-bit might have indicated that this card had its own hypernet node. The blue is probably just an annie-plant. I have no idea what the Koala needs that for, but I know better than to argue.

Not pictured, because I keep playing with it -- an actual birthday card featuring Captain Kirk and Mister Spock on the cover. The dialog on the front reads "Analysis, Spock. If all the candles on that cake were to be lit simultaneously..."

When you open the card you discover that it is electronic. Spock's voice, sounding crisper than I think it ever did coming from a '60s-era television, says ominously "Annihilation, Jim. Total, complete, absolute annihilation."


As I said before, it's not on the wall because I keep playing with it. Apparently somebody is easily amused.