Praise be, and pass (on) the spam

It's working. I hope it's not too inconvenient, having your first comment moderated, because I'm leaving this option in place. Usually I get between 20 and 30 spam comments per day, and some 90% of them are pornographic or otherwise decidedly NOT family-friendly. Having that stuff linked from my blog was making me ill. In the last two days, though, all those spam comments have dropped into the moderation queue, and I've been able to nuke them en masse without anybody besides me having to know they exist. I've also been able to turn OFF the options for spam-filtering based on the contents of your posts. You can talk about taking out a home-equity loan in order to afford generic viagra all you want. You can discuss low interest rates, cheap domain registration, and you can post as many URLs as you'd like (as long as you don't like more than four.) Of course, if you abuse the privilege, I will go all moderatorial on you. Last weekend at Worldcon I learned about disemvowelling... it's not pretty.