Predictable Hypocrisy

From time to time I have to filter "blog-spam" from the comments. Usually you folks never see it because spam trips some filters requiring the post to be moderated. (Note: if you use profanity, the word "Viagra," or more than one URL in your post, you will also trip the spam filter.) I just got some blog-spam from a site that does pay-day loans. Understand, reprehensible though I may find spam to be, I find pay-day loans, post-dated-check-loans, and other high-interest, short-term loans even worse. The people who provide these services are capitalizing on human weakness. If you really, genuinely NEED quick cash to get you through the week, friends and family will help you out. They'll also let you know when you don't need it, but instead need help managing your money or your time better. Anyway, on a lark I checked out this site. One of the things they proclaimed on their "information" page was that the site was 100% pop-up free. And I quote:
"If you are experiencing pop-up boxes, please do not apply on these non-affiliated sites. Our site is 100% pop-up FREE. If you are seeing pop-ups or other ads, it is possible that you may have adware or possibly spyware on your computer."
So... they'll spam me to try to weasel free advertising on my site, but they hate pop-up ads. It makes me want to write spyware for the express purpose of hijacking their clientele. But that would be hypocritical of me, and now we've come full circle.