Premium Rush

Premium Rush needs a better title, something that says "this movie will turn annoying bike messengers into superheroes of the rebellion." The title should also say, "This is a better Joseph Gordon Levitt movie than that Batman thingy." 

Feel free to brainstorm titles down in the comments. I'm moving on.
This film was FUN, and it managed to surprise me. Part of the surprise was the unexpected storytelling method. I'm familiar with in media res, but rewinding the clock a second, and then a third time in order to flesh out the story blindsided me. Also, I was not expecting to sympathize with the antagonist. I still hate him, but I feel for him too.
I have been to Manhattan a few times, and I have experienced a bike messenger rocketing past me like he owned the road, the sidewalk, and pretty much anything flat where he could get traction. After seeing this film? I like that guy, and all the guys and gals who do that job. I don't have enough experience in the city (not by a long stretch) to critique the realism, so I'd love for some actual New Yorkers to weigh in here. Me, I felt a bit of a strain on credibility when a vehicle chase ensued between 5: 15pm and 5: 30pm on a workday. I sort of imagine gridlock and a sea of yellow cabs, with insufficient room to squeal the tires, much less powerslide around a corner.
I did have a bit of an issue with the absence of a proper aftermath for the ending of this film. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure the events of the last 10 minutes of the film would have had dozens of people invited down to the station for questioning, and our hero would almost certainly have found himself pressed very firmly up against some charges.
But the stuff that was actually IN the movie? Excellent. I had a great time, and this film comes in at #6 for me this year. Joseph Gordon Levitt got me into the theater on the strength of his supporting performances in The Dark Knight Rises and Inception. At this point, I'll see just about anything he's in. Blank check, Joe. Make more cool movies!