Prepping for Comic-Con

As part of my preparation for Comic-Con, I've done some math: I need to bring home $1,505 to break even. That's my anticipated spend on hotels, food, and mileage. That means I need to sell almost exactly 100 books, at a minimum. I'll bring at least that many, but in order to get them into the car, along with all the booth display stuff, I need more space in the car. Today I figured out how to remove the passenger seat from a New Beetle. If you're interested, the full instructions are there at the link. Photos can be found if you scroll down into the comments. Finally, if you're interested in owning original strip art, and are planning to be in San Diego, you only have until Saturday to email me with your request. Dailies are $40, Sundays are $80, and 4-row or special Sundays are $100 or more. I'll be bringing books ($15), some originals (presold to people who email me), a bit of marker art ($25 to $75), badge ribbons with Pirate rules ($1.00 ea), Tagon pins ($5.00), and myself (priceless, but you can talk to me for free!) I start packing in earnest on Saturday. I'll be in Vegas Monday evening -- join the Yahoo Group "" for details on that little get-together. And then Tuesday I start setting up in San Diego. Wheeee!