Projecting some Wonder

Project WonderfulWebcomics luminary Ryan North kicked off an advertising system a while back. Hurting for a good name (apparently "Adsense" was taken already) he called it "Project Wonderful."

I'm going to try it out, because it really does look... well, wonderful. It's pretty simple for both advertisers and publishers, and I like the concept. And in celebration of the simplicity, I'm enabling a skyscraper that you can buy into for as little as $5.00 per day. The way the system works, if your ad gets approved by me, and you're the high bidder (or the only bidder offering $5.00 or more) your ad is the only ad that runs all day.

So... if you've got $5.00, something to advertise, and a skyscraper ad (160x600) that doesn't suck, now's your chance to grab 30,000 eyeballs. The banner is to the right... click, and bid.