Proxy Army Games Kickstarter, Now With More Schlock

Tristan Morris of Proxy Army Games contacted me a while back to tell me a story. I won't tell you the whole story, but the upshot is this: they're licensing some Schlock Mercenary characters to include in the future as bonus packs. Those aren't ready yet (I'm in the design loop, so I should know) but other models are.

Their Kickstarter just went live.

Proxy Army is a service that enables you to design and customize tabletop miniatures, and then get them 3D-printed and mailed directly to you. You'll select from among thousands of cataloged parts--torsos, weapons, limbs, equipment, mutations, and powers--and clip together just about any miniature you can imagine.

Maybe you want your RPG character rendered exactly as equipped and statted out, or maybe you're just hankering to paint up a platoon of custom-equipped, space-borne SWAT folk. And hey, if that's how your game is rolling you may want Tagon, Schlock and Kevyn in that mix.

I'm excited to see how their Kickstarter does, and I look forward to my involvement in the design process for the Schlock Mercenary minis. I'll definitely be picking up a few of these. I don't have enough on my painting table right now. There is still empty space for paint pots.