Pulling Out For Reno

Monday at about noon we're piling into two vehicles and heading for Reno, home of Renovation, the 69th Annual World Science Fiction Convention.

It's been a while since I've road-tripped through Nevada. Playing Fallout: New Vegas has gotten me in the mood for long stretches of severe landscape (minus the random encounters with deathclaws or feral ghoul reavers.) 

As of this writing we're planning to stop for fuel and dinner (NOT "food and gas") in Winnemucca. That's about six hours into a 9-hour trip, so it should be perfect. Sid's Restaurant looks like a nice diner from here (for "let's have a traditional American Diner experience" values of "nice") but if you've got recommendations we'll happily entertain them. 

Both our vehicles have recently been tuned up, checked out, and appear perfectly road-worthy. I hope they remain that way, because my Repair skill is only barely high enough to figure out whether or not a mechanic is ripping me off, and then only because I've got points dumped into Speech and Barter. (Sal has close to three hundred points spread out across Guns, Explosives, Melee, and Unarmed, so if the mechanic turns out to actually be fronting for a tribe of feral ghouls we may survive the encounter.)

Sandra and I will both endeavor to tweet fun and interesting things from the road and the convention. I'm @HowardTayler, she's @SandraTayler, and if you want to plug into Twitter's WorldCon/Reno hive-mind, the hash-tag is #renosf.