PureHero clothing ROCKS

Howard in the Pure Hero Punisher CrewA couple of days ago my "Punisher" shirt arrived from PureHero -- these are the guys helping to sponsor your daily Schlock fix with the Blog Ad to the left. The shirt is made out of a very fine polyester mesh (not "big-hole" mesh like gym clothes, but mesh just the same) with a monstrous latex skull on the front.

I'll sum it up in three words: New Favorite Shirt.

In the photograph here I've got a black undershirt beneath my Pure Hero Punisher Crew, and I'm sporting black jeans, New Rock boots, one o' them Hot Topic black belts, and a 50-year-old dark wool overcoat.

I wore this ensemble to The Movie Trading Company where our Friday night gamemaster works. His boss took one look at it and said something to the effect of "looks great... but you're not packing are you?" No, my Frank Castle fantasy stops well short of me carrying submachine guns and large-bore assault pistols (to the video store.)

To be sure, Frank Castle would never wear this shirt. It's too comfortable. Too STYLISH. His shirts need to be scratchy, and full of things like metal filings and dried paint.

Anyway, if you're wondering whether the PureHero merchandise is worth the money (this was about twice the cost of a regular cotton tee-shirt), I assure you it is. Because, as I said, "NEW FAVORITE SHIRT."