Puss in Boots

I took a much-needed break during my afternoon inking session and saw Puss in Boots.

This was not a horrible movie! That's not a stellar recommendation, I know, but that's what you're getting. Act I wrote some checks that didn't clear Act III's bank. But the action sequences in Act I were lots of fun, and I'm sure my kids will love the film when it's out on DVD.

It comes in at #14 for me for the year. It's possible I'm getting healthier, as evidenced by the fact that I'm much more difficult to keep entertained. 

Things I loved? The kitty-chemistry between Puss and Kitty (Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek). Pretty much everything about Jack and Jill (Billy-Bob Thornton and Amy Sedaris.) 

Things I did not love? Just about everything about Humpty Dumpty (Zach Gallifinakis,) starting with character design, and moving right on through voice characterization, plotting, character arc, and the big finish. Why? I don't know. You're not really SUPPOSED to like Dumpty, but this is different. Maybe it's because the human face slapped onto an egg poked me in the hindbrain and left me wanting to reach for a weapon.

Also, I did not love Act III. I didn't hate it, but I sort of wish I had that half-hour back in the form of a nice nap. 

This really isn't coming across shiny, is it? Sorry. I had fun! Honest! But the movie didn't clear the Threshold of Awesome, and this year I may have set that bar kind of low.