Quick! Before Anyone Notices!

The "Comic Riffs" guys at the Washington Post have done two wise things: 1) They've selected Schlock Mercenary as one of their seven finalists, showing taste and discretion. 2) They've renamed their easily-spoofed popularity contest "your favorite webcomic of the past decade," so the losers won't feel like they've missed something historic. Go vote now! Knock Schlock into first place before anybody notices! (We'll finish in 6th, regardless. The Schlock Mercenary audience, while discerning, intelligent, and desirable is a small bunch compared to what's listed there.) You brought in 10,079 votes last time. That's enough for me to kill an attorney drone, but only just barely. Honestly, I didn't think you'd pulled it off until I checked the final count this evening. I hadn't actually planned on writing attornicide into the Mallcop Command arc, but I am a man of my word. I'll make it happen in March. I don't have a bribe in mind for this last round of voting. Feel free to suggest things.