See Me at RadCon 6B

I'll be attending RadCon 6B next weekend, February 14-16 at the Red Lion in Pasco Washington. Since I'm their Artist Guest of Honor I got to do a bunch of original work just for the convention, including art for the badges, some single-panel gags for the convention book, the tee-shirt art, and of course the cover for the convention booklet.

The theme they asked me to work within was "Science Fiction vs. Science Fact." Here is the raw cover art I came up with. 

I call it "I've Got This, Guys."

There's lots of blank space here for the convention to put words and stuff, so I'm excited to see what the final booklet looks like. The convention begins in about a week, and if you're in the area you should come see me! And not just me, US! The Writer Guest of Honor is Mike Resnick, the Music Guest is The Great Luke Ski, and the list of visiting professionals scrolls for quite a while.

(Note: I don't know what the "6B" means, but I'm pretty sure it's not hexadecimal, since 107 is a big number of times for a convention.)