Find Me at RadCon 6B

I'm at RadCon 6B in Pasco, Washington this weekend. My schedule is light, and I don't have a table I need to man, so the odds are pretty good you'll find me working (drawing, scripting, writing, whatever) somewhere in the hotel, especially on Friday. My Twitter feed is probably your best bet for locating me off-track.

On-track, here's my schedule:


  • 4:30pm - Fan Suite - Picture This: various artists (myself included) will draw things. I'm not entirely sure what the format is, but I'll have my markers handy.


  • 12:30pm - 2205 - Women in Comics, with Roberta Gregory and Elizabeth Guizetti. A hot-button topic if ever there was one!
  • 1:45pm - Bronze Suite - All Howard for an Hour. This sounds positively INTERMINABLE, but I'm sure we can make the best of it. Especially if you bring questions for me.
  • 4:00pm - Harvest - Art Jam! with Roberta Gregory, Meg Sturgeon, Greg James,  L. James, and Alton Lawson. 
  • 5:30pm - 2203 - Dull, Realistic Characters, with Keffy Kehrli
  • 7:00pm - 2207 - Yoda Was Wrong, with Dameon Willich and Kamila Miller. (Hint: There is "try." There is always "try.")


  • 10:00am - Fan Suite - Crowdfunding, with Sara Quinn, Ron Leota, and Dameon Willich

As I said above, I don't have a table at the show, but my merchandise is being carried by Adventures Underground, in Suite 2121 in the Dealer's Annex. The new Maxim 1 Badge Wallets, the Maxim 34 Mousepads, and of course the books will all be available.

The art show will have lots and lots of my stuff on display, and Sandra tells me these things are priced to move. My experience with convention art shows is that even if my stuff goes to auction, it'll close for around half what it would sell for on eBay (smaller bidding crowd, after all.)