Ready For Mailing!

howardinbooks1.jpgAll these books have been signed and/or sketched by the poor, tired sod sitting amidst them.

There is an entire room full of shipping materials that we'll be using to package these up and send them out to their rightful owners.

I counted books and did the math... this is right around two tons of... STUFF that has to be carried off by the postman.

We've printed over $10,000 in postage in the last couple of weeks. We have had to lift temporary suspensions on our credit cards at least three times during this process. Apparently both VISA and Discover get nervous when you start draining your available credit into your printer at the rate of $250 per page.

Timothy, Robby, Dave, Boyd, and several other folks have been hugely helpful during the last week, moving boxes, and shifting books around while I stand in the middle and sign or sketch. Without them this process would have taken at least twice this long.

But the queue of volunteers-I'm-indebted-to really shapes up starting Thursday morning at 10am, when we start the boxing and mailing.


Saturday is the launch party at Dragons Keep. Hopefully all these boxes are gone by then...