Results from the Painting Class

Penelope from SnarfquestSaturday's figpainting class was fun, and was the usual mixed-bag. There were a few regulars for whom I demonstrated technique (I started and finished the miniature pictured here -- "Princess Penelope" from the 1997 Ral Partha release of legendary Larry Elmore's Snarfquest), and offered pointers.

There was a child who needed something to do, and mostly wanted to pour paint in puddles and then make a cardboard-brown mixture to be applied to the brown cardboard tabletop. And there was that most rare of gifts, the newbie prodigy.

Her name was Jeanette. Her Significant Other is often at the Keep playing Magic, and she is often left to entertain herself sorting his cards. She took to painting like an owl takes to hunting mice by moonlight... the poor miniature never saw it coming, and after a very productive session she had "Weird Pete" from the Knights of the Dinner Table series painted up just right.

Penelope from SnarfquestIt was hugely rewarding for me. Jeanette would ask what the next step was, and I'd explain it. She would then say "I can't do that! It's so tiny! You've got to be kidding!"

Then she would hunch over and do it, tiny, with no kidding whatsoever.

Then she would squeal with delight when she pulled back to look at her work. "I did it!."

I don't have pictures of what she worked on, but I'm guessing she'll paint quite a few miniatures in the weeks and months to come. She also may start dipping into her honey's Magic Card budget in order to fund her new hobby. The poor guy is going to have to start playing Warmachine...