R.I.P. Schlocktoberfest, 2001-2008: Too Predictable

I've really been enjoying writing the current story, and I realized why: I'm no longer plotting everything around being able to shoe-horn a cool story into a pre-defined space on the calendar. It is very liberating. I decided last year that I was done doing 31-day "scary" arcs during the month of October. They were fun, and very challenging, but it no longer makes sense for me hone my story chops through the constraints of that format. No matter how well I craft a Schlocktoberfest storyline, the form telegraphs all the best punches, and that makes it less entertaining for everybody. So to those of you who are looking at your date-books and waiting for the other shoe to drop, I warn you that it will not be dropping on October 31st. There will still be death, mayhem, and terror in the Schlockiverse, but now you don't know when to expect it. [cue evil laughter, drop red filter on lights, and then fade to black]