Rows, Clichés, and A Wonderful Life

Howard's Beanie-MonkeyI'm enjoying my vacation.

(non-sequitur: As I typed that last sentence my beanie-monkey fell off of my auxiliary monitor, bounced off the Wacom tablet, and hit the floor. Just so you know.)

My good friend Richard Bliss (marketing guru extraordinaire and unwitting mentor) sent me a gift, courtesy of the geniuses at JibJab. It's an extremely accelerated version of "It's A Wonderful Life" with new faces. Enjoy!

My buddy Bob "Mountain of Lovin'" Defendi (game designer and Writer of the Future) has now posted five episodes of Death by Cliché. For your convenience, links! One, Two, Three, Four, and Five. I am listening to four and five while painting some Warmachine figures. The laughter interferes with the detail work, but containing myself is good practice for preventing those pesky beverage-out-the-nose events.

Finally, in the last two days I've knocked down an entire week of comics and finished the scripting and penciling for the Schlock Mercenary: Out From Under bonus story. It comes out to fifty-one rows' worth of work. Err... play.

Ahhhh, vacation. Merry Christmas, everyone!

(Update: After posting this I picked the monkey up off the floor and carefully repositioned him. The photo is proof.)