Rule 1 T-shirt Pre-orders are Open!

You can now pre-order your very own "Rule 1: Pillage, THEN Burn" T-shirt. The shirts feature stark, white screens on a black Gildan tee. In a previous post I showed you a picture of me wearing the shirt. Here for you now are the images used for the front and back screens: Rule 1: Pillage, THEN BurnSchlock Mercenary t-shirt logo, B/W The screen on the back (not to scale as shown here) is up by the neck, rather than being centered in the middle. If you click on any of the images linking to the store, you'll see our available sizes. If you need something bigger, let us know -- we're looking for a supplier for 5XL shirts, as well as for other cuts (V-neck, etc), but haven't found one with decent prices yet. Pre-ordered shirts will ship during the first week of March. We're anticipating a bit of demand for these, and have arranged to monopolize the local printer during the last week of February. If you're local, we plan to have a few of these shirts available at "Life, The Universe, and Everything XXVI" this coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You can't pre-order for pick-up there, though. Those will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. We'll also have copies of all three Schlock books, Rule 37 posters, and five each of the brand-new designs for Rule 1, Rule 12, and Rule 36 posters (which people in Internet-land won't get to see until next week...)