Salt City Steamfest was Excellent (and hot)

I didn't take many pictures, but wow. Salt City Steamfest was an excellent event.

Sure, it had some problems. The most significant was that the event was over-sold (a good problem to have!) and the hotel's A/C couldn't keep up (not so good in heavy clothing) and then some idiot decided that we needed "fresh" air and opened some doors (uh-oh). The 100-degree breeze from the Red Lion's asphalt parking lot was not helpful, and yes, it swept the cool air right out of the hallways. 

But I'm focusing on the negative element, which is "I was too hot." Fortunately, this resulted in comedic moments.

There were close to 800 people in attendance between Friday and Saturday, and this was a first-year event. At least half of the people I saw were in some sort of costume, and it felt like EVERYBODY was themed-up. Also, folks came from all over. I met people who drove from Dirthole Nevada (outside of Elko somewhere... the town has a name, but THEY called it Dirthole, so I'm sticking with it) because they love Steampunk and a five-hour drive seemed worth it.

You know what I find particularly excellent? As a regular at LTUE, CONduit, and other local events I feel like I know most of the folks in the local genre-oriented community. I saw a few familiar faces, but this crowd was mostly new to me. NEW! This is exactly what the Salt Lake City area needs -- an event that draws a different crowd together for a genre-iffic good time.

Nivi, the founder and driving force, did a brilliant job of putting together a team and pulling off a two-day party. My hat is off to her, and yes, I do own a hat to doff for just such an occasion. Nivi assures me that they're looking for a better hotel for next year, and from the sounds of it Salt City Steamfest 2013 is going to be a "must attend" thing for anybody who loves the genre.

High points for me? Hanging out with Carter and Kelly Reid, DJ Butler, Paul Genesse, and Bryan Young. Oh, and singing a lullaby to a room full of folks in Victorian-ish pajamas. Ah, summertime. The living, it is EASY.