Salt City Steamfest -- I Want To But I Can't

Last year my friend Nivi threw a party called Salt City Steamfest and 1200 people came. It was a phenomenal success, and I signed up to do the show again in 2013.

Unfortunately, a conflicting event arose. I'll be attending Jay Wake, where a bunch of us get to see our friend Jay Lake one last time before his stage 4 cancer makes travel impossible. So if you're looking for me in Salt Lake City (and you have good reason to be -- my name has been on their promotional materials for several months) I'm afraid you won't find me there. I'll be in Portland.

I'll be back in Salt Lake for Salt Lake Comic-Con on September 5th, though. You should definitely come to that. And you should definitely go to Steamfest because Nivi throws one heck of a show, and this time around her budget has far more than shoestrings in it.