Salt City Steamfest and other local fun

I've accepted a last-minute invitation to be a Guest of Honor at a first-year event here in Utah, the Salt City Steamfest.

I know, I know... Schlock Mercenary is lots of things, but steampunk is not one of them. That's okay. I'll dress up, I'll bring the Nerf Maverick I painted in appropriate shades of wood and brass, and we'll all have a good time. 

Things start on Friday afternoon, and run through Saturday evening. I won't have a table, but I will have some scheduled table-time, and I'll bring some rolling luggage from which I can sling merchandise.

You have about a week to get ready for Salt City Steamfest -- it begins on Friday, July 26th.

You have two months to get ready for the League of Utah Writers Roundup, September 14th and 15th in Park City, Utah. If you write, whether professionally or as an aspirant, this event deserves your attention. Guests and speakers include Richard Paul Evans, Brandon Sanderson, Robison Wells, and numerous others, all of whom will be talking about some aspect or another of the craft, business, and art of putting words to page. My lecture is on humor, and should be fun.