Thank You, Salt Lake City!

My Saturday-night Twitter feed notwithstanding, I had a great time at the first-ever, record-breaking Salt Lake Comic Con. Yes, it was irresponsibly oversold, and our booth was completely crowd-locked for much of Saturday, but the panels were great and I had lots of fun meeting fans, and hooking a few new folks on the comic. Interestingly, Amazon just placed their largest order yet for our stuff, so there must have been some sort of demand on their end following this show.

It was also kind of wonderful to see the high turnout and the enthusiasm for cosplay in all its forms. Superheroes by the squad, a battalion of stormtroopers, and a murder of Deadpools were just the beginning of the extensive array of costumed fans -- people who paid to get in, and then helped provide the spectacle for everyone else. There was even a Kevyn Andreyasn in attendance on Thursday and Saturday, and his epaulets appeared to float!

I'm excited for the show next year. They need to fix a lot of things, but I'm sure they've figured that out. 

Now that I'm done with conventions for a few weeks I need to grind hard on the three key projects that are still outstanding -- buffer, calendar, and a novelette. Sure, I'll still post some movie reviews (starting with Riddick, which I just saw) and take some breaks, but my schedule is largely my own until Conjecture/Conchord in San Diego a month from now.