San Antonio, Here I Come!

Maybe it's a little early for me to be this excited. After all, I won't be landing in San Antonio for Chimaeracon until 5:00pm Friday. That's a little over three days from the time of this post. But if you're in Texas, it might take you three days to get to San Antonio. I'm told Texas is a big place, with which one ought not mess. I'm only on one "panel" -- I'll be talking Schlock Saturday at 1330, probably over lunch. If you check out the Chimaeracon schedule, it's back-to-back, wall-to-wall GAMES. Forget the TALKING. People are coming to play -- D&D, Dork Tower, X-box, Hecatomb, HeroClix, Munchkin, Serenity (the RPG), Car Wars, Pirates, City of Heroes CCG, and far, far more. As always, I'll be set up SOMEPLACE where I can do free sketches and commissions. I'll also have a rainbow set of Sharpie markers along with my usual Copics. Why? Because Sharpies are perfect for creating custom cards for Munchkin, Chez Geek, or any other card game that comes with blanks. Yes, if you can bring a blank card, I can put artwork on it. Oh, and if you bring Star Munchkin II: The Clown Wars along with you, I can sign the "Plasma Cannon" card that comes in that set. It's going to be a fun weekend. I'm bringing my usual art supplies, and I'm also bringing... my DICE! [cue music sting, cut to the faces of horrified onlookers].