San Diego, Here I Come

This week I'm getting myself and my stuff ready for a road trip to San Diego, for Comic Con International 2006. Watch this space for continuing updates, including some news about stuff you'll be able to buy, beg, or barter for at the event, and a list of the panels I'll be mouthing off at. I'll kick off with the obvious announcement. I will be in Booth 1330 with the rest of the Blank Label Comics crew. You can find us pretty much dead-center lengthwise, and towards the back wall depth-wise in the giant San Diego Convention Center. We're right next door to the guys from Penny Arcade (is it possible for a booth to get "wanged?") We'll be there all week, from Preview Night on Wednesday through the end of the show Sunday evening. I will have copies of Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management available for sale ($15.00, sketched and signed for free), and I'll have some fancy-schmancy new Tagon's Toughs pins there, too.

The Tagon's Toughs Pin

The pins are an inch and a half in diameter, and are good and solid. The pin in this picture has been through the laundry at least once. A pin just like it (minus the trip through the wash) can be yours for only $5.00 at the convention. I'll also be doing sketches and commissions. Quick pencil-sketches are free. Commissions, which can be inked, and even colored, start at $15.00 and run through about $50. (Yes, that's less than half what they'd fetch on eBay.) And I'm game to draw whatever you want for these commissions... including a Schlockiverse-style caricature of you, suited up for a mission alongside Sergeant Schlock (which would run about $30 for inks, and another $20 if you wanted me to color it.) I hit the road in a week. I'm taking TurboSchlock (my cyber-green 2003 New Beetle Turbo GLS, Utah license "SCHLOCK") down I-15 through Vegas and into California, where I'll slide off onto 215 for fifty miles or so, and then pick up I-15 again until I reach town. So... if you see a green New Beetle in those places next Tuesday, it might actually be me.