Sandra Found Her Artist

Thank you, everyone, for sending artists Sandra's way. She's found the artist she wants to work with on this book, and after looking at the submissions, I'm 100% behind her on this choice. Angela Call's submission for the first page of Sandra's story

Amy was excited by the whole world. Each morning she sprang out of bed with a head full of thoughts and feet ready to put them into action.

Angela Call finds the horse in a little-girl's mind's eyeI love this particular piece (and the horse to the right), and it's that vision of a little girl bounding out of bed in the morning that sold Sandra on working with Angela Call. Angela Call's biography and resumé are a fascinating read, but I'm not going to read the whole thing to you. A native of Moldova, she worked as a political cartoonist in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. She currently resides in Austin, Texas, and can be contacted via gmail as call.angela. We are very thankful for all the submissions we recieved. The very least I can do, by way of thanking the other artists, is tell you a little about them, and link to those who have given us explicit permission to do so. If you're looking for an artist for a project, here are a few who you might be looking for. Autumn Dufresne is an experienced commission artist, specializing in fantasy art and pet portraits. Her work can be found online here, and she can be reached on gmail at islandwolf. Chris Battey is an artist and webcartoonist (and writer, gamer, and software engineer) whom Schlockers may know better as "Darthparadox." He can be reached on gmail as darthparadox. Eugene Conniff is trained primarily as an animator, which tranlates to very expressive character art. He is very interested in doing illustration work, and is also interested in finding a supportive artistic community online. He can be reached on gmail as eugeneconniff. Jodi Tong is an accomplished artist and webcartoonist whose submissions for Sandra's project arrived in book format, ready for text. Wow! Her work can be found at, and her webcomic is at Liz Goldberg graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, but hasn't pursued that as a career. She is very interested in illustration, and can be reached on gmail as gdimike. Matthew Schindler has already written and illustrated his own childrens' book, and is interested in doing more of this kind of work. He can be reached on yahoo as schindlarian. Tara Roys describes her art as "whismical and mathematical." Sandra call it "stunning." Her fractal style can be seen on display at, and she has a book of fractal poems online. You can reach her on hotmail as mozerdozer. Waunie Thompson is an established artist and has been teaching artists for 20 years. her work can be found here and here, and she can be reached as waunie on Kate Lebherz-Gelina (aka Yonaka Yamako) has lots of connections within the webcartooning arena, and turned around her submission in 48 short hours. Her work can be found at Thank you again for all your interest in Sandra's project. *Note: All email addresses have been rendered spam-proof yet human-readable, but only if the human in question is a member of the technocratic elite. You know, somebody who already knows that "gmail" means ""...