Saving Terminator: Salvation

If you want to enjoy Terminatior Salvation it's possible the only thing you need to do is expect to hate it. I'm not sure, though. I was pretty tired when I saw it. A weekend of conventioning will do that to a guy. I liked the movie, but afterwards I also laughed so hard I nearly crashed the car (well, no... but I still shouldn't laugh that hard while driving) when my brother told me a story that he'd told me before. I liked T4, and I expected not to. I didn't like it as much as Star Trek, and I didn't like it enough to go see it a second time, but I did like it. Digital Arnold was fantastic. I say "Digital Arnold," but that's not fair. He looked every bit as much "Arnold" as Arnold himself did in 1984. He looked a lot better than Wolverine's Digital Claws. But by telling you this I might be raising your expectations. Kick those expectations in the shins, quick! My rankings this summer now look like this: 1. Star Trek 2. Terminator: Salvation 3. Angels & Demons 4. 5. 6. Wolverine. Your mileage may vary. Feel free to talk about it with all the spoilering you want. Just don't spoil Night at the Museum 2 for me. That one's next.