Schlock 2001

Today there are 2001 strips in the Schlock Mercenary archives. Yesterday I celebrated 2000 strips by hanging out at Dragon's Keep and pencilling eight days of comics. That's right, I may have some laurels, but there's no point in resting on 'em. You folks don't care how many strips I have in the archives if tomorrow's strip doesn't air. I've created an addictive substance, and you Schlock-heads need your daily fix. Today I'm back at Dragon's Keep helping out with their Toys for Tots from 1pm until at least 4pm... maybe clear until closing time. If you're in the area, you're welcome to stop by. I'll be doing inked (not just pencils, not at Christmas time!) Schlock Mercenary character sketches in exchange for any toy donation on Saturday... Don't miss out. On the subject of laurels, I promised I'd link you folks to any reviews, blogs, or news posts mentioning my run of 2000 unbroken days of daily comics. Here you go! That's all for now. There may be others, but Technorati hasn't apprised me of them. Now... I need to post this, and make with the coloring. I've got to get some work done before I'm due at Dragon's Keep for Toys for Tots.