Schlock 2k is Here

Today, December 2nd, the 2000th consecutive daily Schlock Mercenary strip airs. The event has been noted by the lead writer at The Pulse in an article here. Go look. I got interviewed, and you can make comments! I emailed the inestimable Scott McCloud about the milestone, and he mentioned it here. And it's gotten mentioned in at least one Live Journal entry. If you see my 2000th strip milestone noted anyplace, feel free to email me. I'll post an authoritative link list Saturday morning. As mentioned before, I'll be hanging out at Dragon's Keep all afternoon Friday (from around 2pm 'till 7pm, when they close), and then helping out with their Toys for Tots drive on Saturday afternoon. If you're in the area, you're welcome to stop by. I'll be doing inked Schlock Mercenary character sketches in exchange for any toy donation on Saturday... Don't miss out.