Join the Droid-Hunt

I've been under the weather all week. The dearth of updates here under the comic comes as a consequence. I would sit down to write about something, and all that would come out was "I'm sick." I figured you wouldn't want to read that unless I wrote it with some extra funny tucked in, but my funny-tucker just wouldn't come online.

So I waited until I had some actual news.

NEWS: We are ready to enlist beta testers for the Schlock Mercenary app on the Android platform. 

[UPDATE: The beta is full. I've pulled the link. Sorry if you missed out. As a consolation, the app itself isn't too far off.]

Unrelated news: I have the last two weeks of "Force Multiplication" completely scripted, but I've been too wiped out to draw anything more difficult than a hot bath. Which sounds pretty nice right now. You go click on the linked text, I'm going to run some water.