eSchlock for the New Year!

The first four Schlock Mercenary books are available now as PDFs from Baen.

We have included everything from the paper versions except the paper. You get the bonus stories, the introductions, the commentary, the margin art, the deck plans, and of course all of the collected strips. Like everything else in the Baen electronic library there is no DRM (Digital Rights Management.) You can read these PDFs on any PDF-capable device with no pesky logins or plug-ins or any of that. Buy 'em and they're yours, just like paper.

They're a lot cheaper than paper, though. The bundle will set you back $45, which is $35 off of the paper cover price.

It is important to note that these PDFs are pretty hefty, and are not optimized for phone-sized screens. They look great on most tablets, but will obviously look better on larger screens.

Happy New Year! Let's see how this works out, shall we?