Schlock Mercenary ACEO Series One Roll Call

Schlock Mercenary ACEO Series One -- Card BackPer my last post (where you'll find a definition of ACEO) there are ACEO "Sketch Cards" available in the Schlock Mercenary Store. The backs of these cards clearly read "Series One" which naturally implies that there will be a "Series Two." These are numbered cards, and there will be 250 of them in Series One. They take a lot longer to do than sketch edition books -- usually between 10 and 20 times as long.

After much hand-wringing, we've decided to limit Series One to seven (well, eight if you count the attorney drone) characters:

  • Schlock
  • Tagon
  • Kevyn
  • Breya
  • Ennesby
  • Der Trihs
  • Brad
  • Attorney Drone

Now that I've come out and said it, you completionists know exactly what you need.

I'm not planning to do equal numbers of each, mostly because I know that not everybody wants all seven. I plan on doing 50 each of Schlock, Tagon, and Kevyn, and 20 each of the remaining five characters. Of course, I've only drawn 65 cards total as of this writing, so there's still some wiggle-room. If there's a sudden run on "Brad" or "Attorney Drone" I'll adjust accordingly.