Schlock Mercenary ACEOs Now Available!

First, the obligatory definition: ACEO stands for "Art Card, Editions and Originals." They are 2.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches high, and have an original piece of artwork on the front. I'm spending a few hours each week illustrating these cards, and as of right now we have 40 of them in the store. Only Schlock, Tagon, Kevyn, Breya, Ennesby, and Attorney Drones are currently available, but I'll be adding other characters in coming weeks. Schlock ACEO card, Series One, 01/250Schlock Mercenary ACEO Series One -- Card BackThese are not prints or reproductions. This is original artwork that you can own without watching the price on eBay creep further and further out of your comfort zone. I want to be able to offer affordable originals, and ACEOs seem to be the way to go. Good ACEOs often sell for between $50 and $250 on eBay. We're offering them at an introductory price of $25. This first batch will probably sell out quickly, and I'll have to draw some more. This first full run, labeled as "Series One" on the back of each card (shown on the right) is limited to 250 cards. That ought cover demand through Christmas, right? As to the disposition of the 01/250 Schlock shown above, I'm keeping that one for myself. Numbers 02 through 24 are for sale.