Schlock Mercenary Turns Six

Today marks not only six years of Schlock Mercenary on the web, but also six years of uninterrupted daily updates. Yeah, look at me, lording it up over my less-faithful, less-fortunate, or at least less-prepared peers. The strip has updated every day, without fail, in the face of 200,000 miles of business travel, twenty-plus conventions, four years of oppressive day-job, a separated shoulder, carpal tunnel, numerous layings-up with influenza or whatever the yuck-of-the-month happened to be, and the birth of two of my four children. Oh, and a book. We can't forget the book. Long ago I promised that you'd get fresh Schlock here every day forever, or until I die -- whichever comes first. So far I've done pretty well at keeping my promise. But in order to ensure that I continue to make good, I've got to get my game on. I've been fortunate that life's little crises have never incapacitated me for more than the length of the buffer, so the only way to prepare for more serious incapacitations is to work further ahead. That's my committment to the strip, which I suppose is a committment to you, fair reader, even though all I'm doing is creating the strip I want to read. Thanks for sticking with me for six years. Here's to another sixty (which will require me to live to be 98, unless I really, REALLY get the buffer cranked ahead.)