Schlock Merchandise Clearance Sale!

From Sandra...

We are now sold out. Thank you to everyone who bought merchandise!

Help the Tayler Corporation prepare for the printing of the next book by buying up old inventory. This helps provide us with funds for the project and gives us more physical space in which to store the books. We are offering clearance T-shirts for $3 per shirt. The shirts are found here. Most of the sizes are women's sizes, but there are a few other sizes. Supplies are limited, so get them now.

Then for those of you who have enough shirts or can't find your size, we are offering books. In the process of storing and shipping books, a significant number of copies of Schlock Mercenary The Blackness Between have become scratched, dented, or otherwise unsaleable as new. These scratched and dented books are now being offered for $5 per book. This is below wholesale price. Most of the books are in good condition; you have to look hard for the damage, but on some the damage is very obvious. Some of the copies are signed. A couple are even sketched in. No guarantees about which you will get.

We do guarantee that every copy we mail out will contain all of the pages in the correct order. If the copy you recieve is missing pages, please contact us for a replacement.

If you prefer your books in new condition check out our storewhere you can order both books at once.