Schlock Readers Shoot Mosquitos With Lasers

Mosquito in the crosshairs at Intellectual Ventures, photo courtesy of Tom Nugent, Intellectual VenturesIt's true.

Schlock readers Dr. Jordin Kare and Tom Nugent are doing research into shooting mosquitos with lasers. The Wall Street Journal bills them as "Rocket Scientists," but to me they're just these really cool guys who let me work on the plumbing for their water-cooled laser back in 2007. There are other write-ups of the story here, here, and (with a great conclusion!) here.

Dr. Jordin Kare of LaserMotive and Intellectual Ventures, photo courtesy The Wall Street JournalOkay, they're also really SMART guys. Jordin (pictured at left in goggles that are all the rage in his industry) has called me on Schlock science at least once...

Short version: With Jordin and Tom on the project the mosquitos are doomed.

But here's the best part. Tom emailed me the article link and explained:

Rule 37 Poster from Schlock Mercenary, by Howard Tayler

The Rule 37 poster was put up as part of the lab decorations with the blessing of the lab director. It's so completely appropriate, with the grunt pointing everything he can at the little bug.  So, whenever Bill Gates or other VIPs come to visit the lab and take a tour of the optics room, they go right through the door with your poster on it. I've been dying to tell you for a while, and now that the article is published, I can!

I told you they're really cool guys.