Schlock Store Clearance Sale

As is usual when we ship books to a major event, some of the books which returned from GenCon were damaged in transit.  Forklifts are not kind to books.  We are now offering these scuffed, dented, or bent books for sale in the store at discounted prices. damaged opendamaged closed As you can see from the photos, most of the damage is minor.  Your book could get as much damage from being carried around in in a backpack.  We guarantee that no pages will be torn and that all pages will be present and accounted for. On a tangential note, we've put up a special item for auction this week.  A fan bought a book from us at WorldCon.  Then he paid Howard to draw a picture in it.  Then he gave the book back to us on the condition that we offer the book up for auction.  So we are now auctioning off a unique copy of XDM X-Treme Dungeon Mastery with a drawing of Howard rejoicing at being paid three times.  We're starting the bidding low since we've already been paid twice.  Happy bidding! paid three times