Scott Pilgrim vs. The Expendables vs. Dayquil

You deserve a better movie reviewer than me. On days when I'm so dopey from cold medicine that I don't trust myself to write Schlock Mercenary scripts I probably shouldn't trust myself to give advice to movie-goers. A better reviewer would take the day off. Me? I'm not afraid to phone in a review or two. It's not like this is what I'm getting paid for.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is my new #5 for the year. Dan Wells' review says everything I would like to say, only better because he's not on drugs right now.

Short version: the film effectively extends cinematographical syntax to speak to a new generation, and does so very entertainingly.

The Expendables is my new #21 for the year. It effectively extends nothing. It is a competently delivered action movie with star power and explosions but completely lacking in "wow" factor. In my rankings this year it does get to look down at Legion and smirk, but Scott Pilgrim is bouncing loose change off of The Expendables' head from sixteen slots up.

In a world where you're willing to accept advice from a cartoonist who is doped up on Dayquil, you should go see Scott Pilgrim and wait for The Expendables to hit second run theaters, or maybe RedBox. You might even consider not seeing it at all because pretty much everybody in that movie has done better work. But don't go see Scott Pilgrim with a head full of cold medicine. The movie is trippy enough without it.