Scrapyard Recoloring is Done

Two hundred and thirty-three rows of comics, almost a thousand panels, nigh on twelve hundred different Photoshop layers... and it's finally all done. Lessons learned: 1) These take ten minutes each, but only if I decide I don't really care. 2) I really care. 3) Budgeting forty quick-and-dirty hours for a job I'm going to start caring about, and then setting dates based on the budget results in slipped dates. 4) The Daystar Boils Frogs. 5) The next recoloring project is going to take six weeks, provided I can avoid problems like that Daystar one. It feels good to be done, but I'm not DONE done. I don't get to take a vacation now. The buffer has dropped by a week, the bonus story remains uncolored, and Scrapyard still needs cover art. Back to work... but not until I've had a good night's sleep.