A Change in Process

In my last post here I mentioned that I'm doing my penciling and inking in the home office these days, instead of taking all the scripts to Dragon's Keep and drawing there. 

Well, this change in my office has changed my process a bit. Several times in the past week I've begun penciling only to decide that the script was broken in some way. In the old arrangement I'd have to drive home to re-print the script, and since that's just a silly waste of gas, I'd often set the script aside and put pencils down on the next one, delaying the work on the broken strip for a day or so. Sometimes, though, I'd just figure out how to make the existing script work, because sometimes I just wanted the work to get DONE. 

It's a small compromise, and as I look at what I've been turning out lately, it's a compromise that I think I made a LOT. These days I'm not bothering to figure out how to make the existing script work, nor am I delaying anything. I'm fixing it. My computer and my printer are right next to my drawing table now. Being able to slide across to the workstation and lay out a new set of panels and words is pretty handy, and I think it's going to make Schlock Mercenary a bit better going forward. 

Or maybe I'm the only one who will notice.

There's a drawback, though. The computer with all its myriad distractions is just 24 inches from my drawing elbow. Case in point: I wrote this blog post instead of starting the inking process...