SDCC Report: Day One

So busy...

Did a brisk business once the doors finally opened. Met lots of fans, met lots of peers, met lots of friends. There's a social aspect to this event that is easy to understate.

I saw Randy Milholland across the way as we were setting up, and I hollered out "HEY RANDY!" Milholland turned to see me, and so did an unfamiliar face. Turned out it was Randall Munroe of XKCD fame, and of course I didn't recognize him right away. But now we've met (he's charming, and every bit as knowledgable as his strip may lead you to suspect). Oh, and Milholland and I had a great talk, too.

Had a wonderful dinner with Joey Manley and friends, and we had some fascinating business discussions. The food at Bocca was delicious, too.

But I don't have time to tell you about everything. I can't even scratch the surface.
As of this morning there is only one advance-copy pre-order sketch edition available. I expect it to be gone before 10am.

And now I need to get back to work