Seattle, Here We Come!

seattle-eccc2.gifSandra and I are taking the whole family to Emerald City Comic Con next weekend, and we're getting there the long way -- stopping to smell some flowers along the way.

Sandra and I and all four kids will pile into the minivan ("Mormon Assault Vehicle") and head to Boise on Monday. We have family there and will spend a day or two with them. From there we'll forge on into Seattle, where we'll be staying with friends until Friday. Friday we check into our hotel, and it's showtime for me.

Sandra tells me that we have some stuff on our calendar, like a tour of Wizards of the Coast, and a trip to the Sci-Fi Museum. She's in charge of all that, and all I know is that we're pretty tightly booked.

seattleeccc1.jpgAction items for Seattle area fans are as follows:

1) If you want to purchase an original strip, email me NOW and let me know which one. The price is $40 for a daily and $80 for a Sunday. Four-row or special-format Sundays are $100. Deadline is this Sunday night!

2) If you want to get together outside of the convention, there is exactly one opportunity for it. The event will be held at a private residence - cozy, intimate, and conducive to conversation. This will be the Thursday evening before the convention. If you are interested in attending send an email to schlockmercenary-subscribe at You'll then be part of the mailing list and you'll be provided with the remaining details, as well as the opportunity to discuss with other like-minded Schlockers.

3) If you don't own a book yet, please consider buying one at the show. There's no way I'm going to make money on this trip, but I would like to offset the expenses a little with merchandise sales.

I'm off to take care of some last-minute packing (read: I haven't packed anything yet.) I hope to see you soon!