Send Sal to Haiti

Few causes are as immediately worthy of attention as the current crisis in Haiti. I know a lot of people who are trying to find good ways to donate, but I'd especially like to call your attention to this note from my friend Sal, who needs your help.
If anyone who reads this can: I'd like to volunteer, and am looking for hosting. Requesting transport, inoculations and life support on site.  Working on Cirriculum Vitae for any team in need, but skills focusing on communications infrastructure, light construction, crisis emergency management, project management, team leadership, electrical, emergency medical, security, improvisation, sheet metalwork, welding, smithing and some French.
Sal wants to volunteer with a relief organization. He is supremely qualified to wade into the middle of a disaster area and start helping people. He knows he needs to be part of an organized effort (and he knows how to fix the organization of that effort, if anybody wants to take him up on it) so if you you or someone you know can put him in touch with the right people, please respond. You can find his plea and request his contact information here. I'll act as a character reference, though I'm sure Sal can provide a dozen others.