Stop Tweeting, Keep Blogging (for the contest)

As you hopefully already know, Pre-orders are open.

We've randomly selected three winners for the tweeting, liking, and re-sharing portion of our little event -- the winners have been notified via the social media in question, and each will get a sketch edition of The Sharp End of the Stick with a low number.

The blog contest continues until Monday. Blog about Schlock Mercenary, link to the pre-order announcement, and post a link to your blog in the comments below the original contest announcement. We'll do a random drawing and an adjudicated one (where Sandra and I pick our favorite). I expect there to be a few runners up, who also get prizes.

By the way, Dan Wells provides an excellent example of how to do it right. Granted, Dan has an advantage in that I already handed him a copy of Sharp End of the Stick, so he can't win. Or maybe he already has. Whatever. Go read his review!