Win An Advance Copy of The Sharp End of the Stick

Per the previous post, pre-orders are now open for the Schlock Mercenary: The Sharp End of the Stick. Numbered Sketch Editions are $30, and undefiled books (well... Travis and I will both sign the cover) are $20.

Would you like to win a copy of this book, shipped to you early? For free, even? There are four ways to win -- three are completely random, and the fourth is completely subjective.

1) Tweet it! Tweet with the hashtag #schlocksharp telling about the pre-order, and linking to this page. For your convenience, you may want to retweet this little gem. At 8 AM Tuesday we'll draw a name from among the tweets, and then announce the winner. As soon as we get a mailing address, the winner's book goes in the mail. (Make sure to include the hash-tag -- that's how we'll be finding your tweets.)

2) Like it! Head over to Facebook and "Like" this post in the Schlock Mercenary discussion group. If you're not yet a member of the group you'll also need to join the group. Yes, this is more involved than the Twitter version. Again, we'll draw a name at random, and the winner gets a free book.

3) Share it! If you're on Google Plus, here's a post about pre-orders that you can share across Google's social network. Same deal -- the winner is selected randomly  from among the shares on Tuesday morning.

4) Blog it! Tell the world why you love Schlock Mercenary, and link to the pre-order announcement. Place a link to your blog post in the comments below this post, and you've got TWO chances to win. The first is a random drawing. The second is judged -- Sandra and I will pick our favorite. Since you probably need more time to blog than to tweet, this contest will run until Tuesday the 22nd. Also, since blogging takes more effort than any of these other things, the prize is bigger. You get books 6, 7, and 8. We'll also have prizes for runners-up, including prints, magnets, and patches. 

(Note: any place where you can write a blog post will qualify -- Google, Blogger, Live Journal, Wordpress, Facebook, or your own site. Just be sure to write something awesome and then give us the link.)

All prize books will be signed and sketched, and the Sharp End of the Stick sketches will be numbered. The numbers will be LOW. I only have six copies in hand right now, so the numbers will be #001 through #006, with the winning blogger getting #001.